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Friday, October 24, 2008
Happy Friday, Devijis and Devatas! We know blog posts have a tendency to get lost once they disappear off the front page. So, with the belief that “second time’s a charm,” here's some of the best of the Devis with Babies archive.

Find out what the heck we were thinking when we started this blog, here and here.

We’re not always sugar & spice: check out how bitchy Deepa and I can get.

Halloween’s almost here! See what else besides the skeletons scares us about it.

Find out what we think is one of the best gifts for kids, and what Deepa never leaves the house without.

And of course, who can resist the Brown Girls? See how it all began, check out how we get through these troubled times, and find out how the news cycle is affecting our home lives.

Thanks for reading!
Archana said...

Fun blog - glad to have found it while I'm still on maternity leave!

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted! Is there a way to subscribe to the comic?

Lola K said...

love the blog, more comics please!!

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