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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love getting email from you guys and I try my best to respond to every message I receive. At my friends' wedding this weekend, I was talking about some of the best, funniest, and most random messages I have received and realized you guys might like to hear some of them too. Don't worry I won't embarrass anybody or refer to anybody who ever emails me by name!
  • What is a "devi"? Are all Indian women "devis?"
My response: It's a great question. Technically a "devi" is a goddess but, really?, I think of it as a lifestyle? Heh, kidding--check out this post that provides simple questions to address whether you are a devi with a baby...!
  • I notice you added a picture of yourself! Do you always wear party hats or were you celebrating something?
My response: I wear party hats as often as possible and, as anybody who knows me would attest, I also insist on bringing them to birthday parties of 30-something-year-olds and forcing people to wear them as they smile graciously and wonder why they ever befriended me.
My response: Sorry, Lisa is one of a kind...!
I know, I know--stay tuned, it's coming and it's gonna be spectacular...! Haha.
  • Why don't you mention your kids by name or show us photos?
My response: Obviously I am worried you will judge them based on their horrific appearance and horns. Plus: I signed up for this blogging business...they didn't.
  • Do you really think the world needs another mommy blog?
My response: Yes I do. I did not want to write a blog at all but I came to the conclusion that it was my civic duty to establish another mommy blog. Thank you for noting and asking.
  • I loved it when you had shopping posts--write more of those!
My response: Okay...
  • I hate the shopping posts, you should get rid of them.
My response: Okay...
  • Are you really a lawyer?
My response: No. No I am not. Please don't tell Latham. Or Watkins.

It's a cool and crazy thing to open up your life, to some extent, to an audience via blog. Over the past months I have tried to write posts now and again, like this one, or this one, that attempt to add a little flavor or context to who this random "devi with baby" is. Now I just opened my inbox to you for the same goal...I hope you'll keep writing, all!
Anonymous said...

This was great, it was nice to link to some of the earlier posts, I had never read them before!

Anonymous said...

One more question - What happened to Ask Auntie? Its time to have her back.

Bahar said...

I was going to ask the same thing about Auntie!

J.P. said...

Wondering if there will be a female counterpart to "Male Mind Week"??

Savita said...

I miss the beauty posts!! Any recs for new fall makeup for Indians? Have you tried those "pen" nailpolish devices?

Anonymous said...

More "Monday Musings"!

Ina said...

Have wondered since I read the description: Why does your husband find you to be "white with a tan"??

Anonymous said...

How how how are you blogging with three kids, one infant????? Are you at a law firm too?

Anonymous said...

This is so great I always wonder if we are "allowed" to ask personal questions to people who write blogs...Some of mine:
1) What are the sexes of your kids?
2) How did you come up for the idea of this blog?
3) Do you ever need guest writers?
4) What ever happened to Monica?
5) Do you have sites you love and read everyday?
6) What is your husband like? How did you meet?

Maybe you could profile some of your readers! Would be cool to know about the people reading!!

Geeta said...

Are you looking for suggestions for the "In Focus" interviews?

Vera said...

Where did "Furious Nari"/"Really Furious Nari"--who wrote so many of the longer comments during "Male Mind Week"--go?!? I loved her, she made me laugh out loud.

Cat K said...

Would you ever consider doing "meet ups"? Like the Sepia people do?

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed that people take the time to comment in the first place (as I am commenting I know I know) but then just say things like "I don't like shopping posts." Then don't read them!

Anonymous said...

i love the shopping/beauty posts and have a question about one of them. a while back you mentioned that you were going to test out the no!no! hair remover. any luck? hirsute devis need to know!

thanks so much , i love this blog!

deepa said...

Hey all--thanks for all the comments! Can't answer everything just yet but to get started:

-Indian Auntie is coming back very soon and has all sorts of, um, off-color advice to share...!

-The beauty posts will be back too--on Brown Girl Guide.

-Always looking for suggestions--for the "In Focus" interviews and in general. Please email me! Also open to guest-bloggers so definitely send me what you want to write about.

-Too many sites I love and read regularly, off the top of my head: Popsugar, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, NY Times, the Masala Chai blog...

-No!No!: I started getting results in the sense that hair was growing back thinner but, alas, I got lazy with using the device and all my hard work was for naught. THAT being said--I have seen evidence of it working on us Indian girls. Don't expect miracles, but I have one friend who (and this is a little odd but still...) only has to regularly shave one patch of her left leg after 3 months of continuous use of No!No!

Thanks again for reading!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this was my favorite post you have ever done! so funny!
please do more like this one!

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