Why Should You Read This Blog?

Thursday, September 18, 2008
As we get ready to “announce” this blog to people other than our husbands and family, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking around this question. Here are some thoughts….

I spent some time last night perusing other mommy blogs, including a whole bunch of desi-mom blogs and the most popular mommy blog out there, dooce.com. Those blogs all seem to have a few things in common that this blog does not:

a) they all seem to go into the minutiae of their child’s life, i.e. “Arjun had a tantrum today before school. Then he stuck a peanut up his nose, and had a purple bowel movement at 4:37pm.”

b) many of them are really personal, providing an amazingly open look at their lives and giving details on things like their latest fights with their husband/mother-in-law/best friend.

c) they have images, videos, and things other than text!

I can promise you that we will definitely be doing c. We WANT to give you more than words to look at! But I think it’s safe to say that this blog will not offer you a or b. We may go into a specific incident with our kid/husband/etc., but for the most part we’re relatively private people (as private as one can be whilst launching a blog!), and prefer to mull things over in a more analytical way that brings out the universal themes or challenges moms today go through.

So the question is, if we aren’t going to dish out personal stuff, why should you read this blog? Right now, at least, here’s what I have to say about what we hope to do with this blog:

a) this blog will hopefully entertain/amuse you

b) this blog will hopefully resonate with you in some way, and prompt you to think about your own life and opinions, and to post lots of comments agreeing with/disagreeing with our posts!

c) this blog puts a mostly unheard voice out there for the masses: that of the Indian-American mom. My sister-in-love said she doesn’t know another blog like it, and I hope that’s true for most of you.

We started this as mostly a writing exercise, but it’s evolved into much more as we’ve started to write it. So your comments are always welcome! Also, we want to hear from and feature other moms out there, possibly as guest bloggers. If you’d like to write just give us a shout-out!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!
nitesh said...

looking forward to the multimedia portion of this blog. hope its not like lonelygirl15 with the creepy webcam and all.

Kate said...

OK, but why did Arjun have a purple BM? Was this because of the peanuts?!?

But seriously, congrats. Please count me among your readers! This is a great idea, and a cool, creative endeavor -- even if you won't be revealing any humiliating personal details that I can secretly judge you for!

:) kate

sejal said...

this sounds really interesting. i'm curious to hear more about friendships. are you able to keep up with friends who are not parents or do you find having mom-friends is vital to what your life is like now?

looking forward,


Anu said...

no personal details? no dirt? i'm outta here. just kidding! i'm intrigued and looking forward to reading more...

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