To Blog or Not to Blog--Or Why You Should Read This Blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Another blog? Are we serious? Why why why??

Here's why: There is a reason so many of us, right now, enjoy to talk about our children and all of their nuances and, in the same breath, make fun of ourselves for constantly talking about our kids. There is a reason why, as we fine-tune what the ideal work-life-family balance is (is there an ideal balance?), we find more and more things to talk about and discuss, and there is a reason why this somehow doesn't get old. The reason is that--like it or not, and on any given day, if you are anything like us and despite how much you adore your kid, you want to throw the towel in or at least you entertain fantasies of developing a time machine that transports you back to college circa freshman year--this, right now, is our LIFE. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful--every aspect of raising and living with these little people is our life. At the same time, we are kind of young still, aren't we? Sure, I mean in age--for what it's worth, Monica and I are 34 and 31 respectively. But I also mean in terms of interests, sense of humor, worldview, attitude. I still get excited about a secret Beck concert at the Independant or the rumor that Philip Lim is slated to be the next in line to design a capsule collection for Target. I also get excited about a sample sale on Tea clothing for my sons or the fact that there is a website that does all the work of comparing public and private schools in my area. On my nightstand right now is "The Garden of Last Days"; "Out Stealing Horses"; "The Happiest Toddler on the Block"; and "Vogue." (And "Us" magazine but I SWEAR i have NO idea how it got there. It must have been accidentally put in with my groceries...for the last 18 weeks...)

Do you get what I'm saying?

Are you even still reading this?

If you are (and if you aren't related to me) then maybe this blog is for you. My husband is a born marketer. He could sell the proverbial ice cube to the Eskimo. Me? Not so much. I don't really know how or want to convince you that this blog is for you. That being said, I think we have some cool things to say and I think we may make you laugh. I think we can offer you some tested recommendations and amazing deals on shopping and beauty and also give you a forum in which to talk about anything on your mind. From boredom over packing your kid's lunch to the current financial climate to even babies with rabies. (Confused? Consider the previous blog posts a scavenger hunt--the answers lie within).

That covers the "babies" aspect--onto the "devis." Even thus far into writing this blog, Monica and I vacillate on what exactly the bond is between Indian moms; is there something about us being Indian that makes our experience unique, and that makes us want to self-select into, for instance, a blog tailored to other Indian mothers. To be honest, I am not really sure. What I do know is that at this point the label of "Indian" and the label of "mom" are firmly mine and firmly entrenched into my identity, as much as "woman," "daughter," "wife," "sister," and, yes, "Amazon Princess Warrior." (Fine--that might be my Halloween costume). This is despite the fact that, when we first met, my husband called me "white with a tan" (more on that in future posts I'm sure!) And, as I find out in funny ways through the years, being of Indian origin affects many little and not so little aspects of daily life in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, no matter "how Indian" you may be. Agree? Disagree? If you are still reading--let us know...!
Lyvia Kaushal said...

What defines an "indian mom"?

Am I an indian mom? I am Chinese, married to a traditional Indian man with kids that are half indian. My kids are oftentimes marked with a black dot behind their ears to ward off the "evil eye". They go to puja with my mil and dance pungara. I wear "indian gear" at least twice a month for some indian function or another. I've done kaurva chauth while pregnant - twice. Am I an indian mom?

In the early days of our marriage, my husband talked about the "indian mom" describing her akin to a saint. Tirelessly cooking fresh meals, serving her family, ironing, feeding, cleaning ... doing it all! without breaking a sweat and without a single complaint. The indian mom is never tired, can do everything by herself, and is always right.

Since then, we've had two boys. I am always tired, have decided that there is no way to do everything by myself, and have decided I'd rather be happy than right! And I complain ... a lot! Not because I'm unhappy with my life. My life is wonderful. I complain sometimes because I am tired, I have two little kids, a full time job, and a social calendar that is practically is second full time job.

I don't always wear makeup, jewelry, and chase after my two kids wearing a 10 pound sari. My kids eat take out several times a week. And i feed my infant food from a jar - organic, but from a jar nonetheless.

And so I wonder ... am I an "indian mom"?

What is an 'indian mom'?

parutron said...

um, philip lim is doing the new target/uo/uniqlo line?? and you're going to be an amazon warrior princess for halloween????

that's just bonus, because i already had good reason to read (other than being your sister (with no babies) (and no plans of any soon)). and other than monica clearly being a blogging prodigy.

in your two and a half year stint as a mom (and your five year stint as an 'Indian' - tee hee, totally kidding), i've seen you change-grow-develop-whatever in ways that i can't yet fully relate to, except through you.

i get to see it all up close too: new titles. new family and in laws. new roles. new challenges. new babies. new rabies. new BLOG. new clothes (with stretchy waists!). new traditions......but magically, same sister.

achattha said...

monica & deepa - bravo! i am a big fan and really applaud your depth, honesty, and of course humor. look forward to reading more...

lyvia - you are a mom, and it sounds like a wonderful one. i think all us mamas with indian relatives are forced to have a little "indian mom" injected in our lives - for better or worse.

paru - i just got teary-eyed at the end...

Nitasha said...

Hilarious! I love it already and plan to be a regular. (I think you got me with your 'Out Stealing Horses' and 'Vogue' bedside reading - identical to mine last night, although I need your elf to drop US Weekly into my grocery bag!)

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