The Best Gift for Kids

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
It’s really tough figuring out unique gifts to get the children in your life – and gifts that their parents won’t return or re-gift.

One present that will definitely be appreciated, and not break your bank, is personalized kid’s stuff. There are hundreds of different items that you can personalize with his or her name, or any wording you like, from nap mats and clothing to books and artwork. And it’s really wonderful when they and their parents open up your present to find something way more special than another Dr. Seuss book.

Here are some sites we’ve used and liked:

Simply Colors
Good-quality clothes in all sorts of colors, with a variety of fonts. With free shipping for orders over $75. I’ve gotten the hoodies and t-shirts for a few kids in my life, including Deepa’s, and my own.

I See Me Inc.
Really sweet, well-made, high quality personalized books that teach your child the alphabet using his or her name. You can choose a fairy theme or an animal theme. They have other products like floor puzzles and wall art, but the fairy books are my favorite. (Disclaimer: Deepa got one of these for my daughter for her first birthday, and she adores it.)

The Gift Whiz
Personalized nap mats, lunch boxes, bags, and all kinds of other stuff at great prices.
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