Weekend WTF?!?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Courtesy of my cousin:  REALLY??  Indians aren't allowed at beaches in Goa?!?

Just wrong.

That being said:  Have a great weekend!
antony said...

I have been to India twice, and gone to Goan beaches,it does seem to be mostly caucasians on da beach..the indian culture breeds a certain modesty yet- it's ok to bathe in the Ganges? we need to see more brown skinned dakini's in bikinis...more affirmative action in india for equality.otherwise things will never change!

Sikandar Nirmal Singh said...

kick all the goris out of india.....u can leave the firangi mundas except the cult-y dudes who think they r so spiritual.

Nasrin Akhther said...
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