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Friday, October 17, 2008
In case you missed it, here's what happened in the Devis with Babies world this week:

-We wondered what is lost, career-wise, when we have children.
-We rolled up our sleeves and turned our homes into spas and into Diwali-culture-centers.
-We pondered sleep and showed you some Indian cooking shortcuts (less time in the kitchen=more sleep, no?)
-We asked the age-old questions: Do you fantasize about other men? and How do you know you are a Devi, or a Devi with baby?
-The Brown Girls wondered, is there such a thing as too much news?

And here is some of what we are watching and reading this weekend:

Want to see a female trainwreck that ISN'T Sarah Palin? Check out Katy Perry (of "I Kissed a Girl" fame) falling all over a stage of icing. And of course for some more Palin entertainment: The rumors are true and she will be on Saturday Night live tomorrow.

It's almost time for the San Francisco International South Asian film festival, which runs from November 13-16. Check here for the lineup, to learn more about the movies and filmmakers, and to get tickets. Perfect excuse to plan a trip to the Bay!

Feel like you have that great novel/painting/symphony in you but are worried you are too old to get working? Think again--and read Malcolm Gladwell's (of "Blink" fame) inspiring take on "late bloomers." Bottom line? Keep on plugging away, it will be worth it.

Jenny McCarthy claims that her son's autism is cured. Dennis Leary blames autism on inattentive mothers. John McCain inexplicably brings up autism multiple times in the last debate. All of it makes me scratch my head.

And in the never-ending lunchbox chronicles, Cookie magazine shows you some of the healthiest snacks to send your babies to school with.
Leena said...

thanks for the "late bloomers" article, it is giving me faith that i am not wasting my time!!

Shravya Reddy said...

very nice article! It has given me a deep knowledge regarding rangoli designs. Thanks for providing this beautiful article.

ch mahe said...

Very nice designs! We also call them as sankranthi muggulu with chukkalu in Telugu, as we celebrate this day as the festival of Harvest.

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