TV or Not TV?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
That is the question for moms of young children. With the exception of a small, dedicated minority, most moms end up choosing TV -- mostly out of sheer desperation, but with some limit or other. For example, “not before he’s two years old,” or “only one show a day tops,” or “nothing with violence in it,” or “only PBS.”

While surfing HBO Kids on Demand the other day, my daughter and I happened upon a television show that actually makes me feel good about letting her watch it. It’s called “Classical Baby,” and it’s an animated show that features conductor babies, colorful animals, and well-known works of art as classical music plays. Usually I leave the room while she's watching stuff like Sesame Street, but I sat and watched the whole thing with her, and felt instantly relaxed.

I looked it up and found out it’s won two Emmys and a Peabody for outstanding children’s programming. But, of course, it’s mired in some controversy. Apparently HBO markets it saying “Now your baby can boogie to Bach, dance to Debussy and swing to Schumann thanks to Classical Baby.” But the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood says babies shouldn’t be exposed to any TV. I kind of agree with them, and didn’t put on any TV for my daughter until she was well into toddlerhood. But only you can really say what’s best for your child, right?

So if you are choosing TV for your kids, and what I’ve described falls within your personal “TV limits,” check it out. You could do a lot worse.
Anonymous said...

kids and tv is a constant issue in our home. it pains me to see my kid watching tv with suhc excitement. i'm worried i am stifilng her wonderful young mind but realize that its the world she lives in.

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