Fusion Beats for Babies

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
In our ongoing conversation about “How to expose your kid to Indian culture without becoming your mom,” one area we’ve found really easy to do that in is music. Kids love music, and just like food, the more variety you expose them to early in life, the more of a variety they will be open to.

We're not big listeners of straight Indian music, but Indian fusion is another thing altogether. In that vein, here are three of my absolute favorite young Indo-Western artists and songs. Best of all, they’re available on YouTube, right in the comfort of your own computer room. Grab a chair, sit your little one on your lap, and enjoy....

Karsh Kale is, in my humble opinion, the most talented young Indian artist performing today. Disclaimer: I used to know him in college, and am blown away by how amazing he’s become. He wrote the song below for his daughter, Milan, which makes it all the more incredible.

Talvin Singh is also phenomenal, but for some reason hasn’t been as productive as Karsh lately. Plus he’s majorly foxy. This song picks up right around 1:10.

What’s better than Karsh Kale performing? Karsh Kale performing with Anoushka Shankar! It’s empowering to see her rocking the sitar.

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