Slammin' for All Womankind

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Weight. It’s something most of us obsess over way too much, especially post-baby. We look longingly back to old photos when we could fit into that cute little white dress (where is that dress, anyway?). We make pacts with ourselves to exercise regularly, stop the sugar habit, and eat more salad, damn it!

A friend of mine WSRN -- Who Shall Remain Nameless: the acronym for all bloggers who wish to keep their friends -- has decided she’s fine with what she calls her still-pregnant-looking belly. She says the pressure for moms to be thin is ridiculous, and she’s had enough. She’s totally right. (But she’s still working out regularly and eating more salad.)

The issue is motivation. What will be that final, motivating factor that will get you off your butt and onto the treadmill? For me, the inspiration to lose those last few baby pounds came in a singular form: a pair of Sevens.

For the uninitiated, 7 for all Mankind is a premium denim company based in Los Angeles that now also sells shirts, bags, menswear and kids' clothing. It’s true what they say: Seven jeans look good on anyone. I think it's something about the low waistline, or maybe it's the small back pockets. Whatever the secret is, you’ll put on a pair and wonder where you’ve been hiding your slammin’ body all these years. I didn’t understand the true value of a really good-fitting pair of jeans until a friend in New York made me try on a pair.

At over $150 a pop, they’re not something everyone would casually buy. That is why they can serve as the perfect motivation to lose, and to keep off, those last few pounds. And the thing is, you’ll wear them so much that they’ll be worth the price. One suggestion: Buy them really tight -- one size down from comfortable -- because they do give after a few wears. You can find some good deals on Sevens here.

What’s been your tried-and-true weight-loss motivation technique? Or your favorite brand of jeans?
seema said...

my motivation is the girls in my step class. they are all so skinny, i hate being the only one with a tummy, so i work harder. of course i think i'm the only mom in there too. wonder what they will look like in ten years ;p

Jaime said...

my motivation is old pictures of myself. i refuse to believe that i can't look like that again, especially after a baby.

my favorite pair of jeans, that's a tough one. i guess i would say true religion's trouser. i have a short torso, so the low waist works for me, and my legs are super skinny while my hips/thighs are not, so the trouser style is the most flattering on me.

Anonymous said...

love reading your blog...

i don't think sevens work on EVERYONE, sadly. if you have chunky thighs and a set of wide, load bearing indian hips, i'm not sure these really work...they haven't for me, at least! but, rock the jeans for all of us :)

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