My Meta Blog Post

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Am I too mean? I am worried about what sort of picture of myself my blog posts to date present. Navel-gazing FOR SURE but oh well, there it is. I don't think I'm a mean person but maybe actions (or words in this case) speak louder words?!? Meaning, if my blog posts give the impression that I am mean, maybe I am. I think I'm pretty nice though. Some other things I think about myself:

1) I think I'm a good mom even though I let my kids watch tv and eat sweetened cereal.
2) I think, thus far, I have most certainly learned more from my kids than they have from me--figuring out a way to repay them.
3) I think having children has made me appreciate almost every single thing in my life more. From things I took for granted (a moment of quiet; living in a country with paved roads) to things I already appreciated but now appreciate more (a husband who is a partner; having had a loving upbringing).
4) As a caveat to (3) I also think that having kids has lessened my career-drive. Cliched but true. Trying to rectify this--and yes maybe it's too easy to blame the kids.
5) I think my whole world changed when I had my first kid, but I'm not sure exactly how yet.
6) I think (all the time, often about doomsday scenarios involving my children) therefore i am (SUCH a mom...!)
7) I think I am very lucky
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