Thanks, Suggestions, and Some Entertainment

Friday, September 19, 2008
Thank you to EVERYONE who’s been reaching out to us with your support and comments. They fuel us.

What we want to know is this: What do you want to hear from us? What would make you come back to and read this blog every day for a few minutes? Tell us in the comments below.

Meanwhile, I ran across this hilarious, low-budget Indian-American soap opera on YouTube. I think I’m enjoying it because I’m actually laughing AT it more than with it, but I have a really low tolerance for these ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi)-type things, and this made me keep watching! It’s called the “Desi OC” (I know, I know…)

sejal said...

I would love to hear more about life in California and about cooking, recipes, etc. Was also interested to hear about Mon's Dadaji. I think we, as a generation/culture have not dealt with how we would like to take care of our parents as they age.

I lived in CA briefly as a kid, and I have the usual Northeasterner's fantasy of life in a warmer, more laidback place. How does life in CA compare to life in NY beyond the cliches?

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