Mommies Who Curse

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
What is a blog? An ephemeral piece of nothingness that can be wiped out with the click of a forefinger. To those of us brought up in the days of pen & paper, thinking about writing anything of substance on a blog takes some time. (I’ve so dated myself here, haven’t I?) But when I think of it as a place I can finally begin to write again, I start warming to the idea. I write daily for a living, but it’s not stuff from the heart or for myself. The type of writing I do for a living will take time to unlearn, because it’s so technical in nature. This blog, on the other hand, can be anything I want.

It. Can. Be. This.

OR HEY! LOOK AT ME! I CAN WRITE IN ALL CAPS! (wow, that gets annoying fast, dunnit?)

I can write about this woman I know really piss me off because she’s always complaining even though she has everything, and some people have nothing. Or how when my daughter’s impatient because I’m taking too long doing something she says “Come ON, lady!” Or how, maybe it’s true that women’s sex drives climax in their 30s. Or how some days, all I seem to do is battle against the feeling of being dead. Or how Sarah Palin’s views piss me off, but damn, heels off to her because she’s running for VP with five kids and some days I find it a chore getting out of the house with just one kid. Then sometimes I wonder if I am really capable of full exposure and honesty, because that’s what you have to do to write a blog that’s worth reading. Am I really gonna let it all hang out there? And what the hell can I write that’s readable by my friends, mother-in-law, former professors and future child’s friends??? Who knows. All I know is that it feels f*ing good writing. And it feels f*ing good writing ‘f*ing.’ Yes, mother-in-law, I curse, but I am still a good Indian girl, OK?
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