A Couple New Things

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I've been in a card and gift rut recently. I've had favorite go-to gifts for years (hello everyone who owns the MOMA vase or the Modern Art books for your kids!) but last week I was at a loss as to a unique card for a friend's birthday as well as a thoughtful gift for a 3 year old who has everything.

A little question asking landed me with these two new things which will likely be my new go-to gifts for the foreseeable future!

How cool is this?

This company--snapily--will turn your photos into one of those old-school, thick, ridgy photos that seem to morph from one image into the next. Haven't been so enamored with a photo site since my friend L got me a flip book made from a video of me and my eldest son crawling on the floor.

And what about this for a great gift? Make your own pop up books. My inner craft-ess swoons and, not so secretly, I ordered these more for myself than my kids.

Anonymous said...

very cool!

Leena said...

love the flip photo card!

F.M. said...

Hey! My uber creative friend (alays good to have one of those) but the Pop Up kit for my daugther and she loved every second of makign the books and they are still some of her favorites, I highly recoommend it!

UB said...

Oh good, you're back, every time you go fishing or whatnot I think we've lost you!

geeta said...

where do you find these things?? can you provide a link to the flip books?

Anonymous said...

where's monday musings??

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