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Friday, June 19, 2009

Need a baby-sitter for your date night? Head to Ikea.

Check out this video about the age-old axiom: Brown guys have no game.

It's officially summer--try some of these ideas to enliven a love of nature in your kids.

It's not too late: CoolMomPicks has put together a Father's Day gift guide including everything from Star Wars cufflinks to personalized baseball caps, all available online. And here are some ideas on how to celebrate the dads in your life, without spending a penny.

I love this easy-to-do photo wall, and love the idea of not having all my prints wrinkling in a box.

Indian fashion has changed quite a bit since I was little and the sartorial highlight of a Bombay visit was taking a trip to Benneton. Check out some of the newest offerings, edited by Vogue India.

I immediately fell in love with Namita Kapoor's art, juxtaposing classical artistic technique with pop culture and Indian iconography--and I think you'll fall in love too. Watch out next week for my interview with her.

Lisa said...

Cool blog, found it through Tim O'Reilly and am hooked. What is a "devi"?

Sohini said...

FYI Namita is having a show in SF next weekend!

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