Monday Musings: Good Stuff

Monday, April 20, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, er, grocery store. I think I saw D begin to learn abstract thinking. We were playing the "you know what else is good" game (what, you don't know this one?!?) It goes something like this:

D: Trees are good, right Mommy?
Me: Yes, trees are very good!
D: You know what else is good?
Me: What baby?
D: The sky!
Me: Yes, D, the sky is very good!
D: You know what else is good?
Me: What baby?
D: Pirates!

This can go on for hours. But yesterday, on the way to the supermarket, D changed it up on me and, after proclaiming all sorts of tangible objects that we passed by as "good"--trucks, the road, a gas station--D said "you know what else is good Mommy?"

"What baby?" I said

"Love is good mommy."

I was taken aback.

For the millionth time I realized that we don't give our little ones enough credit. In between breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath, thirty minutes of educational television (heh)--amidst all the noise, they are becoming these people. What I wouldn't do to get to visit D's mind and brain processes right now! The stuff he is starting to say these days (not counting the constant repetition of what he "needs"--candy, apples, toys)--some of it is actually poetic. The other day we were sitting on the roof, basking in the warm sun of a perfect Berkeley evening.

"It's still beautiful day right Mommy?" D said, looking over to the hills that were starting to get dark. "Beautiful day" is what he calls the morning.

"Yup, it's still beautiful day."

"It's not dark yet?"

"Nope, not yet."

"The dark is over there but soon it will be with us right Mommy?"

"Right D."

"And sometimes the dark comes to the whole world but we can still remember the beautiful day right Mommy?"

"Right D."

I want to remember the beautiful day and these beautiful moments. These little snippets of dialogue. Of insight into a nascent, sponge-like mind. It's become true to the point of cliche that the best way to experience the simple joys in life is to see the world through a child's eyes. To appreciate how green a tree is. To laugh from the belly over the fluttering of a moth. For me, I find wonder every day in watching D's mind evolve, his thoughts become complex. Seeing him make connections and articulate his (amazing, hilarious, bizarre, wonderful) ideas.

"Love is good, right Mommy?"

"Yes, D, love is very good."

"Do you love me mommy?"

"Yes D I love you very much."

"Good, that's good Mommy! You know what else is good?

"What D?"

"I love you too!"
Anonymous said...

Aw, so sweet!!!!

Glora said...

The burst of language is one of the coolest things about watching kids grow up. My kids are 7 and 9 and it keeps getting better. :)

h.j. said...

so true there is nothing like seeing the world wit a child's sense of wonder.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the first time my son told me he loved me, unprompted...

shona said...

very cute, thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

completely agree, children are capable of so much more than we think and they take in everything...

Radman said...

moments like this make it all worthwhile, doesnt it?

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