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Friday, February 20, 2009

Some of what I am reading this weekend. While I'm breastfeeding. All the time...:

-Never really thought about it too much but it's true: There are very few examples of good parents on t.v.

-Stop the presses: I'm not as hot as I think I am. And, apparently, neither are you.

-Having pest problems? Here's a solution that is being tried in India: Marry your infant off to the neighbor's dog.

-Did you read about the baby gorilla abandoned by its mother? The story broke many peoples' hearts but, luckily, the 2 month old baby is currently doing well...and is in search of a name...

-And lastly, in preparation for Sunday's Oscars (my money is on Slumdog), check out this gallery of the glamorous pregnant stars who have walked the red carpet over the last 15 years. I looked just as amazing when I was pregnant for sure...!
Sarita said...

Christ, the story about the baby being married in India is insane, are we sure it's true??

Nivi said...

Oof. I really thought I was pretty hot, the article has ruined my weekend. Heh.

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