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Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday! Some weekend reading:

Check out this guy's case for why "Slumdog" is over-rated, and his indictment of his own profession (movie reviewing). Or, if you can't get enough of Jamal and Latika, watch them do a little dance on Ellen.

If you missed it--take a minute to read Obama's open letter to his daughters, and to all the children of America.

Weigh in on the Washington Post's question: Are dads less prone to whining than moms?

Read this list of the most disturbing "children's" movies of all time before renting any DVDs this weekend.

Scratch your head over this: Krispy Kreme tries to give away free donuts to celebrate Obama's inauguration...and incurs the wrath of pro-lifers.

And, get inspiration from one of my favorite sites, OhDeeDoh, which showcases "the lazy mama's method of memory keeping"--yes lazy, perhaps, but also super-cool and unique. And worth checking out.

(In case you are wondering: Indian Auntie is inundated with titillating questions on etiquette and manners--check back in to see what she says, and who she offends, next Friday.)
Vee said...

OH I was hoping for some Auntie Wisdom! Next week.

Anonymous said...

the krispy kreme story is intense. file it away under nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

ha,what a surprise the wpost piece was written by a man,

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