Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Gwenyth Paltrow seems to be everywhere these days. On the road with Mario Batalli, rocking out at Fashion week, counseling her bff Madonna. Apparently, though, in between all this activity she has time to advise us common folk about motherhood and beyond. Paltrow just announced the launch of her--from the best I can tell--"lifestyle" site entitled Goop ( The tagline is "nourish the inner aspects."

The site is still under construction (and it's unclear why she launched it with such minimal content on it) but, until it is up and running, Paltrow wants to make sure that we know that her "life is good because I'm not passive about it." Okay, I am sure that is PART of the reason her life is good--I'll give it to her. l'll try not to lash out and utter travel, nanny, trainer, free time, stylist, couture, coldplay, driver, am ex black card under my breath. Onto sentence two: "I want to nourish what is real and I want to do it without wasting time." Now that's enough. What does that even mean??

Part of my bristly reaction to this goes back to my hatred of pseudo-spirtual rhetoric, especially because I am Indian. But it's more than that. It's GP's entire tone. It's how divorced from reality she is when she tells us to "Make your life good. Invest in what's real. Cook a meal for someone you love. Clean out your space." Do I really need this sort of advice from Gwynnie? Is it novel and fulfililng for GP to "clean out her space" because, seriously, for me it's just another chore on the list. I don't get why we care what celebrities feel about politics ("Pink, what do you think about nuclear disarmament?") and I really don't get why celebrities think they should tell us how to live our lives. Get thee to another period piece movie GP! If you are in the market for--as the New York Daily News puts it--"useless tips, empty wisdom and ramblings of a multimillionaire? Great! Head to" Honestly? That description of goop is more appealling that GP's herself. I just might sign up.

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monica said...

I just checked out the website, and it is some of the most nonsensical drivel I've ever seen. A hundred bucks says she's going on Oprah with this crap sometime soon. Yeah Gwinny, we're glad you found your inner peace, but don't you think you should say something about how coming from ultra rich and famous parents, and having a rock star husband and a stellar acting career have SOMETHING to do with it?? OOPS, you left that part out!

viv said...

love it - and hilarious - i hate goop too.

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