Friday Randomness

Friday, October 24, 2008
We have mentioned we are random right? Here is a hodge-podge of some random things for you this Friday:

A Posh-Devi Graces the cover of Vogue India--still not smiling:

Think you know your "Twinkle-a Twinkle-a Little-a Star?"--watch this Indian Aunty take the nursery rhyme through a tour of Indian singing styles:

And: How horrible would you feel if your one vote decided the election--and you forgot to vote. Personalize this hilarious video to show all your friends that one vote really can make a difference--and to see your name in grafitti:

Veena said...

um, even i can do a better job folding my sari. posh needs two aunties and a safety pin -- then this orientalist photo will be truly autentico.

Radman said...

oh my god, that version(s) of twinkle twinkle is friggin hilarious. (frist time visitor to your blog via sepia mutiny)

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