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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm back!  And I still can't sum up the beauty, wonder, craziness, and hilarity of my sister's wedding so, instead, here is some of the random stuff I am digesting in the post-wedding fog.

Worst birthday present idea ever (even for the post-feminist little girl's birthday party?)  The  poll dancing doll??

New studies show that "overbooked kids" are a myth--once again, it is just us, the parents, who are stressed.

"Fair and Lovely," meet "Dark and Beautiful."

I'm usually proud of myself for remembering to bring D's lunchbox to school.  So imagine my inadequacy quotient when I saw the handmade notes this mom puts into her kids lunchboxes everyday.

In for some guilty pleasure this long weekend?  Check out how some of Bravo's Real Housewives go back to school shopping for their kids.
S said...

Welcome back! I actually think the poll dancer doll is sort of cool?!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and hope we will ehar more about the wedding.

Ina said...

My husband is taking the kids to Great America over the weekend and I am planning on watching the Real Housewives all day and I'm not ashamed (maybe a little)! GLAD YOU ARE BACK!

shrooty said...

i appreciate the link you posted to sepia mutiny about South Asia's obsession with fairness. So very sad and true within my family as well.

MC said...

I wonder if the "Dark is Beautiful" campaign works at all?

Anonymous said...

Glad the blog is back up.

I am intrigued by the dark is beautiful slogan as well. "fairness" is so ingrained in everything indian, it is refreshing to see something to counterbalance it. I hope it can make a difference.

B.G. said...

there is no way that doll is for real. right??????????????

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