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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm addicted to lots of things--but pregnancy? Nuh uh.

Got $221,000. Hope you do. Per kid. That's the new figure on what it will cost a middle-income family to raise a child through the age of 17.

Still have some cash left over after that statistic? Take a peek at the new diffusion line by Rachel Roy for Macys--love this dress.

Check out the case for why exercise won't make you thin. Will let you know when I find the article that says eating donuts will...!

And hell must be freezing over--here is a blue-ish eyeshadow color that actually looks good on Indian skin. Sorry for any Wet-N-Wild flashbacks.
Anonymous said...

found a cartoon of yours in India Currents. Would really like permission to use it in an upcoming textbook on health technology--I assumed India Currents held the copyright. They have not responded and now I am hoping you hold the copyright! Not sure how to get in touch. Do you have a business phone? A contact at India Currents?

readers if you have not seen the brown girls cartoon about a girl's best friend, you are really missing a fun strip! I fell for the question and did not guess the answer!

Anonymous said...

Deepa: just found a business phone for you at L&W and left a message with my email and phone number. Hope we can connect. MJM

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