Wanna Be in Mad Men?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ha. Bet that title grabbed your attention. I am obsessed with "Mad Men" and it returns for season three on August 16th. Came across this fun time-waster from the AMC people: You go through a series of choices from hairstyle to accessories to background and "Mad Men" yourself.

Sure...the final result (above) doesn't really look anything like me. And I would pretty much faint if season three included an Indian person. But I'm loving imagining the life in which I would wear little black gloves and it's fun to think about hanging out in a dark bar with Don Draper in most any circumstance...!
Anonymous said...

Ha, very cool!

Uma said...

can't wait till Mad Men is back!

jani said...

just tried it, awesome

TOR said...

Great app thanks!

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