Monday Musings: I Want A Good Card

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day is next weekend. Men are panicking to find "the perfect gift," FTD is trying to swindle guilt-ridden adult children, brunch spots are readying tepid high tea events and, in a light of shining joy in an otherwise somewhat silly day--children are writing their moms cards.

What can you say in a card to sum up what your mom means to you? At any given point in my life, I have wanted to write my mom effusive praise--"Thank you for struggling with every fiber of your being to give us the life we take for granted"--and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm--"Thank you for doubting my fashion choices every step of the way."

At D's preschool, we were told to bring in certain supplies so that the kids can "make Mom a mother's day surprise!!" (Yes there were two exclamation points in the instruction). Regardless of the fact that it's hardly a surprise, let alone a welcome one when when I am rushing to the 24 hour Walgreens at 11 pm to procure craft items for my "present"--I am secretly giddy at the prospect of getting a Mother's Day card from my first born. Maybe not this year--he's only 3--but in the years to come. As much as I appreciate my husband "celebrating" me on a random weekend in May, I am not his mother. I love hearing him tell me that I am a good mom. But he luckily tells me that all the time. It doesn't have to be relegated to one day at an over-priced brunch where I sip really bad champagne.

But my kids. Will my kids tell me I am a good mom? What will they say in their cards to me? I am hoping it will not be "Thank you for letting me watch so much t.v."

At my 11th hour Walgreens run, I took a look at some of the Mother's Day card offerings, thinking about how I would receive some of the (admittedly canned) sentiments from my children.

"Thank you for being my best friend."

No thank you.

"Thank you for putting me on this earth."

My abilities stopped then??! All downhill afterwards??

"Thank you for always believing in me."

Hmm, not bad, but it triggers "The Wind Beneath my Wings" which in turn triggers my gag reflex.

"Thank you for always, no matter what, making me feel safe."

I would take it.

"Thank you for teaching me the meaning of family and unconditional love."

Sold. And if it's written on construction paper with glitter--even better.

Anonymous said...

Ha, couldn't agree more about Mother's day. As we all know everyday is mother's day! Not that I won't take gifts!

Sheetal said...

"Thank you for being my best friend": EXACTLY. who wants to be the best friend to your kids? I've never got that.

Ina said...

Maybe I;m in the minority but I think mother's day is great. I like that my husband plans the whole day for once and that we all go out as a family. It's a tradition I had growing up and I hope to continue it.

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine when my kids will be able to write real things in a card to me! Right now I will settle for breakfast in bed and cards "written" by my babies that are actually written by their daddy!

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed to say that I didn't take Mother's Day seriously at all till I had my baby. I don't know if I ever wrote my own mom a card before and if I did i just bought one of those stock ones. But the first year after my daughter was born I wrote my mom a long letter for mother's day that explained how I learned everything I know about being a kind, supportive, loving person and mom from her. I know she appreciated it. I wish I had done it sooner.

H.D. said...

I think this whole week should be Mother's Day week! Happy Mother's Day week everyone!

Clueless said...

Deepa, do you or your readers have any recs for last minute mothers day gifts??

Ideas said...

@Clueless: Frame a piece of art your kids drew; pick flowers from a field; Write a letter; Buy tickets to a show or a play and hire the babysitter; Hire a manicure pedicure person to come to your house.

Anonymous said...

@clueless: take her out to lunch. not to a "mother's day" lunch, just somewhere good and fun. plan it without asking her. that's the key.

Anonymous said...

@Clueless: Agree with all the ideas. Also: diamonds. :):)

T said...

you are lucky it is like pulling teeth to get my husband to tell me he thinks i am doing a good job. i think it's because i am home with the baby all day and while i keep it together for the most part when he walks in the door at the end of the day i am so done and not quite as cheery or happy as i was in the beginning or middle of the day and definitely more tired. i dont know but i do know that i for one am looking forward to the card my husband will write since this is our first mothers day with our newborn.

Anonymous said...

most things i might have found cheesy beofre kids (the wind beneath my wings) i know find beautiful. no wonder moms are sappy!

parutron said...

i'm sold too. think it'll be good for mom? i'll get the glitter if you get the glue.....tee hee. or maybe we should do it in gold and diamonds! xoxo

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