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Friday, February 27, 2009

This is one stigma I will never have to deal with: One mom on how she feels ostracized for still nursing her toddler.

Take solace: Money problems makes your marriage stronger. But maybe not if you are a Facebook junkie.

Check out the coolest rattles I've seen in a long time--perhaps this time around my child will prefer modern minimalism to glaring lights? Right?

Re-create Freida Pinto's makeup look--a step by step guide.

The latest "why didn't I think of this" product: Cliffs Notes for all the parenting books out there--on everything from sleep-training to healthy eating to sibling rivalry.

And this one might make you cry: A nine year old little girl dying of cancer has a list wish to "marry" her 7 year old sweetheart.

Have a great weekend!
P.T. said...

That last video is heartbreaking...

usha jain said...

Just purchased those rattles as a birthday gift. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you just should not be nursing anymore when your child can ask for "booby", it's just wrong!

Savi said...

to above poster: while i tend to agree with you how do you reconcile that with the fact that the APA suggests breastfeeding until kids are 2???

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