Next Week: Testosterone

Friday, February 6, 2009
Hey readers--

In case you missed it: Next week is going to be a little different. In response to this, and this, and this, I have decided to turn the blog over to some rogue males...! I will never forget the email I received from a good friend of mine, a couple weeks into writing this blog, that said "you aren't going to turn into a male-bashing forum are you?" and I laughed out loud, since, honestly?, I love males, don't really want to bash them (unnecessarily...!), and it was never my intention to form a coalition of anti-male sentiment.

That being said, there's something going on right now. Maybe it's the stage many of us are in; maybe it's the beginnings of a social phenomenon--I don't know. But more and more, conversation is turning to gender roles, how they play out in modern life, what we can do to shape them and--unfortunately--how fed up women are with the men in our lives.

So let's get some answers from the male horses mouths. There is a great roster of writers, covering everything from fatherhood to raising daughters; from appeasing the wife to finding wonder in the mundane. You'll laugh you'll cry...! No, but seriously, you might. In the tradition of "knowledge is power," I am hoping that next week's posts will crack open some of the mystery of the male mind.

Or maybe that's too lofty--I think it will be cool enough to just get to read some words from our partners-in-crime in this whole marriage, child-rearing, everyday life adventure, see what's on their minds...hope you feel the same way and hope you enjoy the show.