So Long, Farewell, Hope to See You Soon...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
What a wild three months it’s been.

Since we started this blog, I’ve written about everything from my daughter’s tantrums to celebrating Diwali in America to the Bombay terrorist attacks.

From my co-blogger Deepa, I’ve learned about everything from what lipstick to wear to how to channel our frustrations about working motherhood into constructive writing.

And from all of you, I’ve learned that we’re all trying our best to juggle the many balls in our life – kids, work, marriage, home, self – but that we could really use some help keeping them all up in the air.

It’s been a blast, Devis. This will be my last post at deviswithbabies. Thanks for reading, and do come see me at

Because Bombay is still on my mind, I leave you with a slideshow of the recovery efforts, and a video of A.R. Rehman’s powerful theme song to the 1995 Bollywood movie, Bombay. Sad to think that, 13 years later, the violence continues.

jaime said...

thanks for writing and keeping me entertained these past few months. it's been a joy reading and i'll check you out on your new blog! good luck!

Lena said...

Thanks for 3 months of great writing, info, and entertainment. You guys really opened my eyes to a lot of new things (from dealing with a toddler, to looking great again after having a baby, and trying to instill some culture in our desi american lives). Im glad you will continue to write and look forward to your next blog. Thanks for entertaining me for 3 months. Sitting in front of a computer at work didn't seem half as bad.....though my boss might not be as thankful!

Anonymous said...

Will miss the delicious recipes. Was looking forward to the desi christmas dinner recipes.

mira said...

Wait! Is devis with babies ending?? Say it ain't so??

Suni said...

this is monica's sister-in-love sunita--thanking you for three months of insightful, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes hilarious, but ALWAYS substantive writing on issues close to my heart. i will definitely tune in to the new blog (love its name). good luck devi!!!

fefi said...

long time reader, first time poster -
Sorry that my first post is the last.
I read your stuff eagerly each day.
I'm really sad you're leaving but I look forward to hearing where your writing goes and following you there!

Anonymous said...

we're sad to see you leave this blog monica! we've loved reading your posts and have learned tons.

devis with babies will continue on ladies. we now just have more blogs to read!

monica said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support! And Devis with Babies is not ending - sorry for the confusion Mira!

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