Friday Fun

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope Turkey Day was splendid Devis, and hope you caught a viewing of SlumTurkey Millionaire??!

As any self-respecting-shopping Devi knows, today is Black Friday. If you are going to brave the stores, make sure to check out this site to get up-to-the minute tips on the best sales and bang for your buck.

If you're staying home and keeping your wallet closed, have a few laughs as these guys talk smack about Jen and Angie. If you're not addicted to "Get Your War On" yet--you will be soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you have not at all commented on the horrible events in Mumbai and are instead focusing on shopping. I think you should at least take a moment to blog something about these tragedies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a commentator dictating the blog! Nice!!! Haha, I was surprised too to see a post on Friday not mentioning the bombings but I just assumed that you Devis are out for Thanksgiving. (Any btw, the video here is hilarious. Life does not end you know.) Looking forward to hearing your take on everything in Mumbai, my heart is breaking.

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