Play Clan

Thursday, October 9, 2008

When you think about shopping in India, you probably envision long hours in sari shops with a "cold drink" and rows of plastic bangle merchants in one of many markets. Great design may not be what first comes to mind, but that seems to be changing.

Enter Play Clan--a fashion, art and design store based on the concept of everyday playing. Conceived and designed by a Delhi graphic design house , the store features "painted shoes, sling bags, T shirts attacked by art, wacky journals and diaries, graphic novels, crazy creature lamps, funky cushions, CD cases, chic jewellery, hand-made curios, biker sacks, and original wall art that make a statement."

One of its best-sellers is a throw pillow emblazoned with a psychedelic map of Connaught Place--I can completley imagine it in a kids room and nobody will be able to say "Did you get that at Babies R Us?" Great for gifts, and as an alternative to yet-another Ganesha statue in your house, the one-of-a kind pieces on the site show the evolution of Indian art and culture. Though the online store is still being ironed out, you can sign up for notification of its grand-opening, which is supposed to take place in the next month or so.
Shona said...

Definitely modern and "pop." If you are more of a serious collector of Indian art you can check out There is more to Indian art than dieties. And pop.

Rupa said...

Any idea how we can get one of those pillow?

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