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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
They say that by spending money we are doing our part for the economy. And--I have thoroughly researched this--it is NOT a good idea to get all your cash and put it in a shoebox under your bed. So, in the spirit of grinning and bearing this economic downturn, if you are going to buy online this week, take advantage of some of the best deals we have found on the web.

Maybe if you buy a new sweater or one of BR's timeless, classic scarves, you can save on some heating bills. 15% off purchases of $125 or more at Banana Republic. Code: FALLSALE

Channel your inner hoochie and be too amused to cry over the Dow. 25% off purchases of $150 or more at Bebe. Code: GET25OFF

Buy clothes for the whole year for less than the price of a coat at a department store. And get it all shipped to you for free. Free Shipping at Forever 21 on purchases of $75 or more. (And check out these shoes--dead ringers for Kate Spade, at 1/100th the price)

Stock up on anything and everything at Target--because who doesn't always "need" at least eight things from Target. $5 off purchases of $50 or more at Target. CODE: TCMAS7R9

Snag a new lipstick. Instantly feel better. 20% off any one item at Ulta. Code: 96447
lyvia said...

Impressive! Have you heard of Allegedly they have codes for all sorts of discounts and free shipping ...

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